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memory-examining a wide variety of theoretical approaches and featuring several new chapters, The Oxford Handbook of Memory traces memory's history and its theoretical approaches across the sciences, highlighting the innovative research in the area and how it relates to important societal issues and clinical practice. Providing up-to-date information about memory science and memory disorders, this book covers the latest developments in a number of domains including research into memory, dementia, attention and executive function, and child memory. The authors also present a review of the connection between memory and ageing and more general topics such as memory, learning, and intelligence. Covering topics ranging from the role of retrieval cues to the neurobiology of memory, this book is an ideal resource for students in psychology, neuroscience, medicine, philosophy, and other social sciences, as well as for professionals working in the cognitive sciences, and in the clinical setting. The entire text is available online and the accompanying website contains additional material, such as articles from the *British Journal of Memory and Language*, podcasts, video interviews, and tutorials. 1. Introduction {#Sec1} =============== Memory provides us with a vital source of information about our past experiences, but how we recall specific details of events and how we remember them when reflecting upon our lives, remains a topic of much discussion. We feel a sense of closeness to events that we recall vividly, but also recall events that have a great emotional weight. How we remember may be at odds with how we feel about the event. We may feel an event has been forgotten, yet recall vivid details of the event. Memories are thus not fixed entities, but change over time, are often influenced by external events, and are also remembered selectively and differently according to personal and social factors. Memory has been studied by psychologists for more than a century (Vinod, [@CR104]). It has been argued that memory has emerged in evolution as an adaptive process for survival, and so a study of the functions of memory, and how they can be shaped or disrupted by diseases, also provides a means of understanding how nature works (Nadel & Moscovitch, [@CR68]). In addition to providing the means to understand how the mind works, a detailed knowledge of memory also provides us with a means of describing and interpreting the past and the formation of personal identity, for example in terms of how we remember when we were young and how it may differ from how we remember our current life experiences



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